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• Tutorial: Font Creation

• Interview with R. Sikoryak

• Tutorial: Creating the Moritat font

• Text and the City: Route 66

• Text and the City: San Francisco

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Tutorial: Font Creation


Moment-by-moment creation of our upcoming fonts SHIVER and SHAKE

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Past Articles:

Interview with R. Sikoryak November 2009

JG interviews artist extraordinaire (and Comicraft font afficionado) R. Sikoryak

Tutorial: Creating the Moritat font July 2009

The creation of Moritat's lettering font for Elephantmen War Toys: Yvette. A day's work compressed into three minutes...

Text and the City: Route 66 April 2009

For spring break this year, I drove the family through SoCal and Arizona in an RV. The Grand Canyon was jaw-droppingly awesome, but the highlight of the trip for me was cruising Route 66 and looking for old road and motel signs. The family thinks I'm weird, but too bad -- I'm driving!

Text and the City: San Francisco June 2007

San Francisco is just full of cool old metal signage. Here's some we found in and around Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown.

Text and the City: New Orleans August 2006

Took a trip with the family to New Orleans back in March of '04, and in between meals (ah, the jambalaya and po'boys), I would snap pix of the cool old signage we encountered. Wonder if any of them survived the hurricane? Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Katrina, and sadly, much of the Gulf Coast is still in bad shape. Habitat for Humanity is helping to rebuild homes there; I just sent them 20 bucks. Hope you will do the same.

Text and the City: West Los Angeles Graffiti 94-95 June 2006

Back in '94, the wife-to-be and I moved into our first apartment together, just off Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The downsides: break-ins, gunshots and police helicopters. The upsides: great restaurants, cool shops, and the most incredible graffiti art I'd ever laid eyes on. I began (and quickly became, oh, just a tad obsessed with) taking pictures of every piece I could find between Melrose Ave and the Comicraft office in Santa Monica.

I decided the big, bold words were not unlike giant sound effects, and soon created the fonts SchoolsOut, Hooky and our newest release PhatBoi, which we used for titles, credits and SFX in Ghost Rider 2099 and wherever else graffiti-style lettering was needed in a comic. — JG

Text and the City: County Fair May 2006

The county fair was in town a few weekends ago, and rather than lose our funnel cakes on the rickety old rides, we snapped pix of the fantastic old signage...

Tutorial: Pop-Up Letters December 2005

This fantastic technique was shown to us by Saul Griffith @ Howtoons.

Lettering Roundtable: Thinking About Thought Balloons, and Other Abandoned Storytelling Techniques November 2005

A discussion with Tony Isabella, Lee Nordling, Kurt Busiek, Mark Verheiden, Lovern Kindzierski, Richard Starkings, John Ostrander, Steve Leialoha, Todd Klein, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Steven Grant, Trina Robbins, Marv Wolfman, Tim Eldred, Howard Cruse, Jackie Estrada, Bob Ingersoll and Steve Lieber

The Comicraft Glossary of Lettering Terms September 2005

Ever wondered what to call those little lines of weathering on the bottom of Sound Effects? Now all you have to do is check The Comicraft Glossary of Lettering Terms -- from Air to Zig-Zag Tail, they're all here!

Lettering Showcase: Ferran Delgado June 2005

Lettering artist Ferran Delgado painstakingly recreates Marvel title pages of yore for the Spanish editions of Marvel Comics. Here we present some of Ferran's fantastic title pages, along with his thoughts on the lettering process, and the answers to a series of questions he posed to us.

Kurt Busiek on Will Eisner February 2005

An excerpt from 'Comic Book Lettering the Comicraft Way' on Eisner's brilliant title page designs.

Lettering Roundtable: The Case Regarding Upper & Lower Case Lettering January 2004

A discussion on Comic Lettering with Lee Nordling, Al Davison, Richard Starkings, Todd Klein, Kurt Busiek, Marv Wolfman, Michael T. Gilbert, Batton Lash, Bob Ingersoll, Bill Knapp, Malcolm Bourne, Steve Leialoha, Leonard Kirk, Howard Cruse, Steven Grant & Bryan Talbot.

An Overview of the Comics Production Process August 2003

An overview of how comics are produced within much of the comics industry, with links to Tips & Tricks on this site.

Richard Starkings' Five Favorite Silver Age Letterers September 2002

From's the Pulse, September 2002

Tutorial: Computer Color, Step by Step December 2001

A guide to coloring comics in Adobe Photoshop by Quinn Supplee

Tutorial: How to Letter Comics the Comicraft Way November 2001

A detailed look at the computer lettering process

Tutorial: A Beginners Guide to Computer Lettering June 2001

An overview of the tools used for lettering on computer

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