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How to letter comics the Comicraft way
  1. Introduction
  2. Character Study
  3. Fighting Words
  4. Title Deeds
  5. Electronic Lettering Composition
  6. Pen Lettering

I'm often asked "Richard, is Hand Lettering Dead? Did you kill it?!" This always confuses me. I still use my hands to do my work. In fact, no one I know uses their hands to letter; they use a tool called a pen. I use a tool called a computer. Pens are filled with ink, my computer is filled with fonts and pen tools. Many of the fonts created by John Roshell and myself were originally designed using pen and ink. Although some letterers and artists regard the computer as the enemy of personality, in reality it is, I think, the liberator. If I never have to letter comic book pages with a pen ever again I'll be a happy man. I consider the computer to be by far the more flexible tool. Thanks to the imagination of the creators of Illustrator and Fontographer, the responsibilities of the letterer have moved away from the precise, studious role of Calligrapher, to the flexible and far-reaching role of Graphic Designer. The question I've been asking myself is not "is Hand Lettering Dead?" but "How can Comic Book Lettering serve its purpose in imaginative & inventive new ways?" As you read these pages remember, please, Computers don't letter comics. People do.

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