Online course

In conjunction with and LinkedIn Learning, Comicraft has created the comprehensive online course “Lettering Comic Books with Adobe Illustrator.”

From deep within Comicraft’s secret underground laboratory, John Roshell will take you through the entire process of lettering a comic book, from setting up a page to generating output.

Topics include:

  • Formatting and arranging dialogue
  • Drawing word balloons and tails
  • Emphasizing words for max impact
  • Creating captions and special balloon styles

  • Creating multiple types of sound effects
  • Color, titles, credits and signage
  • Generating proofs and print files
  • Advice for becoming a professional letterer

“Comprehensive and inspirational.”

“Taught the right stuff, in an engaging manner. Made it fun. I’ve bought his fonts and he’s extremely helpful, responds to emails, and seems to win the nice guy of the century award. ”


“Incredible! Nice pace, and the tips are worth the annual cost just for this one course.”

“I’ve been lettering comic books for 15 years and in just the first hour of this course I’ve learned so much more! Absolutely amazing!”

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