Tutorial: Pop-Up Letters

This fantastic technique was shown to us by Saul Griffith, who publishes a series of how-to comic strips called “Howtoons.” Saul helped us design a “Popup” face for our font Up Up And Away font to make this as easy as pie!

Mmmmmm, pie….

step 1

1. Print out the words you would like to put into 3D perspective on a sheet of paper. A heavier card-stock works even better. Rule guides along the top, bottom and center of the letters, and again at half the height above the letters. (Did we mention that our font UpUpAndAway includes a “Popup” face with guidelines in place? Oh, good.)

step 2

2. Cut out the sides of the letters. Do not cut the tops and bottoms! Carefully cut all the way through the paper on the solid lines on the sides of the letters. Also cut out the counters (inside holes) from letters A B D O P Q and R.

3. Score (don’t cut!) the center line through the words, and all the way to the edge of the page. Fold the paper inwards along the center guide while pushing the letters outwards. Voila! Your words are now in three dimensions!